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Top 5 Bamboo Bedsheets Brands to Try in 2023

a bed with white bedding net to a lamp sitting on a wooden bed side table

by Ellen Hill

Bamboo bedsheets are rapidly growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. From benefits to brands, there’s a lot to choose between. Here’s everything you need to know about adding bamboo sheets to your sustainable household. 

What You Need to Know:

What is Bamboo Bedding?

Bamboo bed sheets are the cosy option in a range of bamboo products dominating the eco world. Available in sizes to fit any bed, they’re an alternative to cotton, linen or silk sheets. This type of bedding is made up of bamboo fibres, an eco-friendly material, sourced from specific areas of the bamboo plant. Don’t worry though, bamboo products are made from a different kind to the plants pandas need! 

Bamboo is sustainable and it can be used in so many different ways - from bamboo bedsheets to bamboo toilet paper

Bamboo can grow upwards of a metre in a single day and doesn’t need constant watering to achieve this. Bamboo also absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, and releases oxygen in its place. Therefore, when purchasing bamboo bedsheets you can rest easy knowing you’re making a sustainable choice for the earth.

5 Benefits of Bamboo Bedsheets

  1. It’s breathable, keeping you cool in the heat - The fibres in bamboo bedding are very breathable, so they allow your bedding to stay cool in the summer. You’ll find your sheets pull the moisture from your skin and prevent you overheating.
  2. It’s temperature-regulating, keeping you warm in the cold - The properties of bamboo bed sheets means they’ll retain your body heat in the winter. This makes it ideal if you’re looking for a bed set to last you round the year, saving money and material resources.
  3. It’s antibacterial - Bamboo fibre bedding is also antibacterial. The natural structure of bamboo fibres helps to limit the growth of bacteria.
  4. It’s hypoallergenic - For those with more sensitive skin, bamboo bedsheets are hypoallergenic, meaning you can enjoy that fresh feeling of a clean bed without worrying about your skin. 
  5. It’s long lasting - Bamboo bed sheets are made from a durable material, which means they’ll withstand regular wear and tear. You won’t have to replace them so often, saving you money in the long run. 

5 Best Bamboo Bedsheet Brands to Try

We’ve curated five bamboo bedsheet brands to check out if you’re looking for an upgrade to your night’s sleep:

  1. Panda London
  2. Paragon Bamboo
  3. All Bamboo
  4. Cosy House Collection
  5. Sloth London

1. Panda London

For skin-soothing bamboo bedsheets, look no further than Panda London. This organic bedding has all the temperature controlling benefits you’d expect of bamboo, whilst still feeling feather-soft and luxurious on the skin.

Available in a range of neutral tones to suit any bedroom, these complete sets make a perfect starting point for anyone keen on trying them out. Panda London also offers a one year warranty and 30 night trial so you can make an informed decision when buying. Light one of your sustainable candles and snuggle up in comfort, knowing you’re helping to look out for the planet. 

2. Paragon Bamboo

Paragon Bamboo believes so much in the value of bamboo as a renewable source that it offers a wide range of products including bamboo bedsheets. Available in a wide variety of colours, you won’t be left struggling to find a fit for your current decor.

You can find a full bamboo bedding set, or start with a couple of pillowcases or a fitted sheet, Paragon Bamboo also has you covered. No matter what, there are plenty of options to experiment with bamboo bedding at a pace that suits your budget and preferences.

The hypoallergenic and skincare values of bamboo bedding also extend into a range of sustainable baby products. Your little ones get full benefit of this fantastic material with Baby Bamboo by Paragon.

3. All Bamboo

All Bamboo provides beautiful bamboo bedsheets. Perfect for those suffering with conditions such as eczema and extremely sensitive skin, bamboo bedding could complement your vegan skincare routine. Voted ‘Best Bamboo Bedding’ by The Independent, you can be reassured that this brand will reflect the best that bamboo bedsheets can offer.

With a subtle, luxurious sheen and a 300 thread count that feels more like 500-800, this bedding will keep its softness even without the use of fabric conditioner. All Bamboo promises the ultimate deluxe experience in their bamboo quilts without costing the earth.

4. Cosy House Collection

Wake up rested and refreshed with the Cosy House Collection. Lightweight but still luxurious, these bamboo bedsheets are a great choice for an even greater night’s sleep.

Thankfully, you also don’t need to worry about losing the silkiness of your bedding in the wash. Cosy House Collection bamboo bedsheets are wrinkle and bobble resistant, and they don’t stain easily!

5. Sloth London

Sloth London is all about luxury with a lighter conscience. Their sustainable bamboo bed sheets work harder to be softer on the planet. A little different from the classic white bedding you might expect, their timeless designs feature a coloured piped edge to allow you to pick a shade true to you. 

Sloth will plant a tree for every purchase, through their partnership with Ecologi. Find pillowcases, sheets, and duvet cover in one neat bundle, delivered straight to your door. You’ll be curled up in bed with a steaming mug of sustainable tea in no time! 

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