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Electric Bikes vs Electric Scooters: What’s the Difference?

Navigating the city shouldn't cost the earth. We're looking into the differences between electric bikes & electric scooters in our complete comparison guide. From speed to price - which should you pick?
a couple riding electric scooters on a cobbled street

by Ellen Hill

Electric bikes and electric scooters both offer convenient solutions to personal transportation, but there are of course some key differences between the two. Explore how electric bikes and scooters differ with our comparison guide now.

What We'll Compare:

Comparing Electric Bikes to Electric Scooters

Navigating busy cities is easier than ever thanks to the inventions of electronic personal electric vehicles. Wave goodbye to waiting around for a ride, and hop on your own electric bike or scooter and get to your destination in no time. We’re exploring how these two personal transportation models differ, from how they look, to how much they’ll set you back. 

How Do They Look Different?

The biggest difference between the two modes of transportation are the fact that they are two different products, one is a bike, and the other is a scooter. Bikes are operated by rotating pedals with your legs, while sitting on a saddle and steering using two handlebars, whilst a scooter requires a standing riding style, but is also again operated with handlebars.

This affects a variety of dimensions. The wheel size of a bike is usually around 27 inches, while the wheel size of an E Scooter is around 8 inches. 

green electric bikes lined up on a pavement in London, England

Electric bikes are usually 42 inches in height, while electric scooters are slightly taller at 48 inches. E bikes tend to be longer at 69 inches, compared to E Scooters usual length of 43 inches. 

The width of both modes of transport are very similar, around the 20 inch mark. There is a significant weight difference between the two, with E Bikes weighing between 20-30 kg, and E Scooters usually weighing half that, at around 10-20kg. 

How Does Their Speed Differ?

The legal speed limit of both electric bikes and electric scooters on UK roads are currently the same: 15.5 mph. 

It is possible to purchase electric scooters that travel faster, with speeds of up to 26 mph, but these are only legal on private property. 

E Bikes can legally go faster than 15.5mph on UK roads, but only if your legs can take you faster.  

How Do Their Batteries Differ? 

The distance it is possible to travel varies greatly between E Scooters and E Bikes. This is because electric scooters are entirely battery powered, while electric bikes are powered by the battery and the rider. 

An E Scooter’s distance range is usually up to 40 miles on one full charge. An E Bike’s battery assists your pedal powering, making it easier to cycle further. Therefore, you can travel up to 100 miles of assisted riding on an E Bike (and further with pedal power alone). 

When comparing electric bikes and electric scooters, it’s important to consider where you can legally ride each model. 

Electric bikes can be considered as a standard push bike so long as they meet the Electric Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPCs) rules (not assisting in speeds over 15.5 mph). If they exceed this requirement, they are classified as a motorised vehicle and must be insured and taxed to be used on public roads. 

point of view image of riding an electric bike on a trail

Personal E Scooters are currently illegal to be ridden on public roads in the UK, but they are legal to drive on private land. Rental electric scooters can be hired legally in certain locations across the UK, with these devices capped at 15.5 mph.  

How Do They Compare in Price?

Budget electric scooters can be bought for as little as £250, but most commuter models cost around £800. However, high performance models can set you back as far as £7,000. 

Electric bikes entry point tend to be more expensive than that of E Scooters, with E Bikes starting at around £1,000. Most commuter models are around £3,000, with high end models also costing as much as £7,000.

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