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Top 8 Eco-Friendly Pet Essentials for 2024

Improving how planet-conscious your special four-legged friends are can be a difficult journey. Look no further than this list of 8 eco-friendly pet products to help you along the way.

Top 8 Eco-Friendly Pet Essentials for 2024

by Ellen Hill

Looking for eco-friendly pet essentials? We know finding companies and products that will put your pet first, as well as the planet, can be a daunting prospect. We want to care for our furry friends as well as the environment, but how easy is it to do both? Use our ultimate guide to 8 eco-friendly pet essentials to try in 2024. 

PS Don't forget to check out our guide to vegan pet food

The 8 Eco Pet Essentials You Should Consider

Look after your little, or not so little, companions with eco-friendly pet essentials. From sustainable options for their food, shampoo, and bowls, you can care for your buddy and the planet at the same time: 

  1. Bamboo Pet Bowls from Beco Pets
  2. Recycled-Material Pet Beds from Harry Barker
  3. Sustainable Pet Food from Yora Pet Food
  4. Eco-Friendly Toys from Honest Pet Products
  5. Compostable Waste Bags from The Green Poop Bags
  6. Vegan Treatments from Wondercide
  7. Natural Dog Treats from Ella & Co
  8. Natural Puppy Potties from Bark Potty

1. Beco Pets Bamboo Bowls

The next eco-friendly pet essentials you need are ways to feed your little friends in an eco-conscious way. Made using organic materials, Beco Pets make bowls for your pet from bamboo, cornstarch, and rice husks. They use bamboo, which grows quickly and in abundance, and absorbs 35 times more carbon than trees. Cornstarch is a compostable material which can be turned into plastic-free polymers. Rice husks are a by-product from rice farming, which are added to the blend to strengthen the bowls. 

Beco Pets are members of 1% for the Planet, take part in the Great British Beach Clean, and each year run the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise money for animal and environmental causes.

2. Harry Barker Pet Beds

The next eco-friendly pet essentials you need are cosy pet beds to help your pets curl up and relax. Passionate about people, pets, and the environment, Harry Barker have been using recycled and sustainable materials since 1997. 

While supporting organisations through give-back initiatives, Harry Barker makes sleep beds for your special friends that are hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly. Machine washable, and coloured using eco-friendly dyes, and stuffed with eco-fiberfill made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. They give back a portion of their proceeds to like-minded businesses like Canines for Veterans, Mote Marine Laboratory and Planet Bee Foundation.

3. Yora Pet Food

On a mission to provide carnivorous pet food that’s a little lighter on the planet, Yora created sustainable insect pet food. Ensuring they found the very best combinations for your favourite fluffy companions, Yora’s test kitchen worked through 29 ethical recipes until every dog and cat licked the plate clean. Their eco-friendly pet food is designed for your furry buddies to enjoy, as well as the planet.

By using these cleaner ingredients they’ve managed to save 7,102,866kg OF CO2 emissions, and encourage you to reduce your global “pawprint”. You can find out more about the benefits of insects in pet food on their website. With recyclable packaging, no palm oil, and a resumable subscription service, you can help to reduce your pets “pawprint” with these eco-friendly pet essentials.

4. Honest Pet Products Eco Toys

These next eco-friendly pet essentials have playtime covered! Being true to our pets, planet, and people are three of Honest Pet Products principles which they abide by to create natural toys that are durable and fun. Using eco-friendly materials, like hemp and wool, their products are biodegradable and natural, perfect for helping your pets trot a little lighter on the planet. 

With dog and cat toys available, you can choose from a range of conscious pet toys and eco-friendly pet essentials your furry pal will love. Being made from natural hemp fibers, which are very strong and also anti-bacterial, your pets’ toys will be naturally cleaner than toys of other varieties.

5. The Green Poop Bags Compostable Bags 

Made from sugar and cornstarch, The Green Poop Bags make picking up after your four legged friends a little greener. With a vegan, easy-to-open, and strong design, for pooh-collecting assurance, you can clean up after your best friend while helping to clean up the planet. 

The Green Poop Bags also help to promote their initiatives by donating a percentage of their profit to charities who are helping to change the laws in the UK and worldwide to eliminate environmental waste, such as the Friends of the Earth charity. These amazing little pooh bags decompose after 3 - 6 months, with zero harmful traces, so you can rest assured you’ve done your bit and then some when you clean after your pup. These eco-friendly pet essentials literally help clean up the planet!

6. Wondercide Pet Treatments

The next eco-friendly pet essentials you need are these plant-based and cruelty free pet treatments from Wondercide. Started in 2009, it began when owner Stephanie’s dog Luna became ill from common flea and tick medication and pest control. With them, you can find outdoor pest control, flea treatments, and pet shampoos to keep your pets and home at their best. 

Harnessing the power of mother nature, Wondercide use natural ingredients such as cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass, coconut, and rosemary to create their eco-friendly pet products. Wondercide is even a Green America gold-certified business for high standards in social and environmental impacts. Next time you’re stocking up on more eco-friendly pet essentials, why not try them out. 

7. Ella & Co Natural Dog Treats

The next eco-friendly pet essentials are for that all-important snack time! Dog treats from James’ Treats at Ella & Co are stuffed full of healthy, locally-sourced ingredients to help your pup feel their best. Made in the UK, both grain and gluten-free, with only meat and vegetables, no artificial stuff, they pack their treats with goodness. 

Founded by James Middleton, these treats have been tried and approved by his own dogs. The ingredients are air-dried, meaning all the nutrients stay locked in place, ready for your pooch to enjoy. Good treats are an essential part for your furry friends when you’re looking for your next eco-friendly pet essentials. 

8. Bark Potty Puppy Litter Pad  

Puppy potties from Bark Potty are made of real bark. Like real grass, the potty contains the natural smells that compel dogs to "go." Naturally neutralizing odors, with a lining to prevent leaking, the potty can replace up to sixty pee pads. For use indoors for a little pup, or if you lack a garden or large outdoor spot for your furry friend. These eco-friendly pet essentials can help to reduce waste from pee pads and provide a natural space for human’s best friend to do their business! 

Part of 1% for the Planet, partners with One Tree Planted Choose from a larger or smaller potty depending on your dog’s size, and get a new bark potty delivered straight to your door. They’re recognised by The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) and use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers for the bark in their potties.  

Help Your Pet Walk Lighter on the Planet

From eco-conscious food to sustainable pet beds, you can help to tread a little lighter on the environment, and your furry pals can too! At The One Edit, we’re all about finding those eco-friendly and planet-friendly must-haves. From eco bloggers to follow, to sustainable sneaker brands, and eco-friendly bathroom essentials, you can find ways to help your habits become a little greener.