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Seeking Eco Inspiration with 10 Eco Bloggers you should be following

Knowing who to listen to when it comes to sustainability can be a tricky task. Use this guide to meet 10 eco bloggers you should be following in 2023.
Seeking Eco Inspiration with 10 Eco Bloggers you should be following

by Ellen Hill

Keeping up with the conversation can be difficult when it comes to avoiding fast fashion and practising eco-friendly consumerism. Follow eco bloggers as they demonstrate their knowledge of the consumer world, while exploring sustainable options for you to try. We’ve put together the best eco blogs to help you navigate the world in a conscious way.

Top 10 Eco Bloggers To Follow in 2023

Whether you’re looking for tips on updating your everyday routines to be more eco-conscious, or looking for style inspiration which cares for the planet too, look no further than these eco bloggers. From daily inspiration and motivation, to what sustainable really means, they're here to support your journey.

Discover picks for 10 best eco blogs you should be following, in no particular order:

  1. Marta Canga
  2. Consciously Elle
  3. Sustain Yourself
  4. Sustainably Greens
  5. Melanin and Sustainable Style
  6. Going Zero Waste
  7. Moral Fibres
  8. Aja Barber
  9. AdiMay
  10. Sustainably Chic

ethical fast fashion blogs to follow 2021

Marta Canga, Marta Canga

The first of our picks for the best eco blogs is Marta Canga boasts 22k followers on Instagram where she shares her life as she tackles veganism and sustainability from her home in London. While taking part in second hand September, or trying supermarket vegan ranges, Marta shares all things conscious living. With her Marta Canga blog to go with it, Marta shares tips on choosing sustainable fast fashion alternatives , like renting clothes for events to identifying vegan leather. If you’re looking for your next eco blogger to follow, make sure you click on Marta Canga.

Elle, Consciously Elle

Self confessed ‘imperfectly eco’, one of the best eco blogs belongs to Elle. Currently studying for her Masters in Sustainability Leadership, she shares her life trying to live more sustainably to her 15k followers on Instagram. This eco blogger shares her thoughts on fast fashion, and her love of nature. Through ‘Good News Monday’ she offsets climate despair by detailing planet-friendly advances being made. Sharing environmental strides from supermarkets reducing their plastic packaging, to why not everyone can take part in Plastic Free July. Elle shares her planet-conscious mindset on her Instagram and her Consciously Elle blog, you can be sure to feel more in touch with the environment by following this eco blogger.

eco friendly blogs to follow right now

Geevie and Sophia, Sustain Yourself

Eco blogging twins, Geevie and Sophia, share their aesthetically pleasing eco-conscious lives on their Instagram, which brings in 58k followers. Whilst running Sustain Yourself, an environmentally friendly shop, the twins share their best zero-waste toiletry tricks, like using vegan skincare and vegan haircare. Self confessed, they’re not experts, and they remind their followers to take each moment and do your best with it. Rather than become disheartened by everything that life throws at you, making it one of the best eco blogs to reassure yourself of the difference you’re making. Sometimes, living a planet-conscious life isn’t as easy as it will hopefully be one day. For now, you can only do your best and make changes where you can. Sharing their best organic matcha recipes, vegan food picks, and how to regrow spring onions, you can find stylish eco blogging inspiration from these two.

Harriet Greenly, Sustainably Greens

Environmental studies student, Harriet Greenly, runs her eco blog through Instagram, where over 4k followers tune in to hear her eco holiday recommendations, thoughts about living more consciously, and top tips for a more sustainable Christmas. Whilst completing her environmental studies, Harriet trials plastic-free products such as eco-friendly bathroom essentials, and encourages her followers to live as consciously as possible. For your next eco blogger follow spree, make sure to include Harriet. Find her thoughtful lifestyle in one of the best eco blogs to follow this year.

eco friendly bloggers to follow in 2021

Melanin and Sustainable Style

Created by Dominique Drakeford, digital magazine Melanin and Sustainable Style shares content from black designers making strides in the sustainable world, to black-owned athleisure brands, as well as organic and natural hair and skin products. This eco blogging platform invites those with more melanin to become more aware of their fashion choices and be more planet-conscious. Environmental educator, Drakeford, is ‘dedicated to redefining and breathing new life into the ideology of sustainability’ and through this inclusive and creative platform. As well as one of the best eco blogs, the magazine boasts over 27k followers on Instagram, they’re doing just that.

Kathryn Kellogg, Going Zero Waste

Kathryn Kellogg, better known as on Instagram shares her top tips on going zero-waste and eco-living to her 300k+ followers. Through one of the best eco blogs, Going Zero Waste, she highlights important factors to reducing waste, such as where to donate unwanted underwear, listing B-Corps to prioritise, and how to make the most of eco travel. With 5% of her profits donated to environmental organisations, you should definitely consider adding her to the list of eco bloggers that you follow.

eco friendly bloggers to help you live an eco life

Wendy Graham, Moral Fibres

With the tagline ‘Sorting the green from the greenwashed’, eco blogger Wendy Graham has been making eco blogging stylish since 2013. With over 13k followers on Instagram and one of the best eco blogs, Moral Fibres, Wendy shares the day to day of conscious living, avoiding fast consumerism and choosing slow fashion options. From choosing which oat milk is actually best for the planet, to making your own cleaning products, you can find everyday essentials to living a more conscious lifestyle with this eco blogger.

Aja Barber, Consumed

Writer, stylist, and consultant, Aja Barber, shares thoughts on sustainability, consumerism, and fashion environmentalism. She’s good at “identifying the beliefs, institutional structures and corporate blind spots that hold inequality in place” and suggesting how this can be changed. Now author of Consumed, Aja reveals how we spend our money and whose pockets it goes into, and what effect this has on the fashion industry. All about deconstructing the damage consumerism can have, you should consider adding her book to your reading list, and her eco blog through Instagram (with 245k followers) to your bookmarks bar.

live a sustainable life with these eco bloggers  

Aditi Mayer, AdiMay

Sporting over 60k followers on Instagram, Aditi Mayer floods her feed with sustainable style, and social justice. Full of inspirational looks and conscious brands, Aditi is an eco blogger you should be following. With fully stocked, best eco blogs, AdiMay to go alongside her social media presence, you can find conversations with new sustainable fashion brands and designers, tips on ethically updating your laundry routine, and the history of empire and colonisation, and how it affects the fashion industry. Don’t miss out on the conversation, and add Aditi to your list of eco bloggers to follow.

Natalie Kay Costello, Sustainably Chic

Looking to promote fashion existing responsibly? Meet Natalia Kay Costello, also known as Sustainably Chic. With one of the best eco blogs, Natalia talks fast fashion, fair worker wages, and sustainable alternatives to regular consumerism. You can find easy to follow guides on her blog, Sustainably Chic, where she covers switching up your everyday routines, like using vegan and cruelty free products, like shampoo bars, finding sustainable jewellery brands, as well as choosing your next pair of sustainable sneakers. For style inspiration, and all-season sustainability tips, you should definitely be following Natalie on her sustainably chic eco blogging journey.

10 sustainable blogs to read right now

Eco Bloggers for the Future

Knowing where to find your planet-conscious  information, as well as keep your sense of style, can be a dizzying concept. It’s always best to find multiple sources of the best eco blogs when you’re reading up about the world. Whether you’re needing tips on men’s vegan skincare essentials, or what eco-friendly materials to look for, sometimes an eco blogger is all you need.That’s why we’ve put this eco blogger guide together, to help you stay involved in the conversation and keep you in the loop when it comes to environmental discussions.